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Digital Landscapes


In Situ: Untitled Thread Drawing #1

Thread Drawings

selected stills from the video "Thread Drawings" - limited edition

I created shadows of yarn that were captured with a still camera.  The still images were later imported into a video program and compiled into a seemingly endless loop, as the yarn works its way through one continuous transition.  Playful compositions alternate, both on the surface as deeper into the space, while (mis)leading the inherent nature of the original subject.  


a unique process on photographic paper discovered in 1956 by Pierre Cordier (and he's Belgian too!). It allows the artist to create an image by applying chemicals on light-sensitive paper. The extension -gram indicates that no camera was involved. The Gallery below shows three different chemigram variations. For more on the process, please visit this blog post.

Tape Drawings

selected stills from the video "Prayer for Alexandra" - limited edition

The video "Prayer for Alexandra" was created in support of a dear friend while she was battling a very aggressive type of cancer.  The images are based on light explorations of ‘tape’.  The muffled voices in the background recite readings in Dutch from ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran.  Subjects touch upon prayer, friendship and pain.  Alexandra lost her battle  ...

Hair Portraits

A stressful time caused my hair to escape my head and pile up in unwanted places.  At the same time, I was obsessed with "line:" its meaning, its appearance, and which medium to best represent "my line."  I kept a dedicated line journal next to my bed, filled countless paper pads with line drawings resembling chaotic maps, and frantically experimented with the combination of a drawn line with other photographic work.  It didn't hit me until I saw my own hair making its mark on my bathroom floor.  Of course, how could I miss this - the most personal, natural line drawing was staring me in the face all along!  So for a while I photographed my hair as soon as I stepped out of the shower.  Below is a selection of my favorite ones ...

I LOVE how I managed to push the boundaries of the perception of photography once again, as to me these look like delicate drawings rather than photographs!

Empty Series

I set out to capture emptiness with a Holga camera ... the place that developed my film didn't even charge because they said: "there is nothing there!"

Ok then, mission accomplished. There was PLENTY of emptiness there for me ...