Turn your life or business around, especially in unusual times:

creative ID: who can you be? / creative IDEA: what's next for success? 


Less stress, more success: hands-on strategies for a better tomorrow, from an artist-economist point of view 


How can I support you during this unprecedented time?

Please know that the current unprecedented times are temporary. This is NOT the new normal. However, the new normal will be coming soon after, as nothing and no one will be left untouched.

This is no time to give up, this is no time to sit around and wait either!

Times of uncertainty hold an immense FREEDOM to do things differently.

Times of transition open the door to new POSSIBILITIES and CHOICES for your future.

Change is unsettling but it gets easier when you take charge and actively direct the change. Right now is THE best time to explore the good things that are in store for you or your company, but you can't sit on the couch and just wait for them. 

Jumpstart Your New Reality: a strategic roadmap to what's next ...

Little did I know when I wrote down the summary of my signature 7 steps as a contribution to this bestselling anthology (pictured), that its title and content would be SO relevant today ...

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What others had to say:

"What I like best about working with Sieglinde is that she thinks outside the box while keeping one foot in reality so that the grand plan or strategic idea that comes up is actually feasible."

 - Olivier Lemaignen, HPO Coach



"Sieglinde is one of those rare individuals who helps you more objectively examine the potential of your business through the simultaneous application of both a creative lens and an analytical lens.  She is not afraid to challenge your assumptions. Then, when it is time for action, she brings an extensive toolkit of practical ideas to the table that you can implement right away."

 - Drue Freeman, ACG Silicon Valley


"Sieglinde has a unique combination of talents and capabilities as both an economist and an artist. As an economist, she has surprising insights into global issues and how they affect individual lives.  This perspective provides her with the ability to be very strategic and most of all: think big.  She's done some fascinating work on big economic visions and projections. 

As an artist/creative, Sieglinde explores an interesting focus on how people react to and “consume” external stimuli - both visually and in words. So much of what we do in business involves influencing others.  From creating a marketing message to leading a team, the critical piece is how people feel and what they perceive, and not simply what was shown or said.       


I have seen Sieglinde in both consulting and leadership roles.  She adapts to the need and her role.  She can be bold and lead when appropriate, or supportive and team focused as needed.  She is comfortable in either role. The multi-talented Sieglinde Van Damme is a pleasure to work with"

 - Jeff Chow, Morgan Stanley 


"Action-oriented and powerful! We need people who are part of the solution now, not people who dwell on or perpetuate the problem. Sieglinde offers a roadmap to successfully move forward, starting today ... yes, there ARE things we can do now.”

 - Laura Livingston, Laura Livingston Coaching 


"In a coaching market place that is flooded with sheep, Sieglinde offers something completely uniqueHer decades of artistic training have led her to develop a very compelling technique to support you in finding creative solutions and leave stress behind. Do yourself a favor and let this lady show you how - Sieglinde and her polished, innovative approach really stand out!"

 - Penelope Lynn Gordon


"Sieglinde’s creative ID/eas for success offer some really novel ways of re-organizing a problem and thinking outside the box in totally different ways.  She’s very supportive too, highly recommend!" 

- M.W.


"Sieglinde's creative strategies approach really resonates with how I've always approached my life and business.  What I found truly helpful in her "Jumpstart Your New Reality" was the structure she gave me. It was exactly what I have been longing for, as I learned just recently that the more structure I have the more creative I can be! Thank you, Sieglinde, for helping launch me forward in a fun and creative way."  

- D.D.


"I felt instantly better after my session with Sieglinde.  The hands-on exercises we did together really helped and allowed me to reframe and refocus so all is good."

 - J.H. 

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Can you afford to sit on the couch and do nothing, while knowing that the new normal will likely not look like the old one?

What if you had a mapped out strategy and support to take charge of what's next for you?

Here's what's in store for you if you decide to take action and start preparing yourself today:

1. Proven strategies to kick the innovative part of your brain in high gear and leave negative thinking behind, instantly.

2. Creative techniques that are used by innovative companies all over to unlock choices and solutions you didn't even think possible.


3. A guided action plan to set things in motion, because talk without action gets us nowhere.


4. My hands-on support along the way, if you choose to add my brainstorm capacity to yours.


5. A renewed sense of peace and power as you take charge of your destiny versus waiting to react as the world decides your destiny for you.

In short: Reinvent Yourself, Like a Pro.


An overview of the signature 7-steps at the base of my creative ID/ea solutions is published in the international bestselling book Jumpstart Your _____, Vol II 


My chapter is titled: Jumpstart Your New Reality

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