Digital Productions: photo-based or fully abstracted.

Originals and limited editions. 

Photo-based or abstract, my work will never reflect reality "as is." Instead, I present my subject matters out of context; I blend two existing scenes together into a newly re-imagined one through double exposures on film; I use a low-fidelity camera without settings or controls to create dreamy, more painterly images; I blow out my images and use the excessive white to veil them in mystery ... need I go on?

Expand your mind and invite your imagination to the playground as you browse my work series below. The one thing you will NOT find is razor-sharp, true to life photography ...  I consciously choose to pass on that one, as it would leave no room to re-imagine what else is possible.


Per your feedback, some digital artwork can be custom printed to your desired size to perfectly fit your available (empty) wall space. (pending artist approval and limited edition availability)


More than happy to consult with you on the ideal size to balance your wall/room and even facilitate framing.


Just send me a quick note and we'll explore! 🤗


An overview of my 2005 - 2013 video work and installations can be found in the video gallery.


Installation shot of the 2-channel video installation "Things change and then nothing happens," 2013