Handmade prints and paintings, all one of a kind.

There is something to be said about the magic and the sensuality of creating work by hand. Whether it is pushing the chemicals from a 19th century photo process into a contemporary 21st century application, or moving the ink around when prepping a plate for the intaglio press ... such a joy.

But I confess, my biggest zen returns on the rare occasion when I find myself engulfed in the smell of oil paint and turpentine (childhood memories :-).

Paintings on Canvas

Works on Paper

19th Century Photo Processes: Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown, and Gum Bichromate.


Available through 6 | U Gallery in Los Gatos, CA. For any inquiries please email info@6-university.com or call 408 395-1796.

Or send me a quick note and I'd be happy to facilitate contact with the gallery for you 😊

Gum Bichromate Portraits

The gum bichromate technique is a 19th Century photo process that uses chemicals and UV exposure to create an original photo-like print. #madscientist  😎 Watch the video at the bottom for a quick intro on gum bichromates, as well as the story of what happened when I exhibited them as a social experiment ... 

Sieglinde Van Damme

is an artist & visual consultant. 


Her focus on creating visual balance in a space brings a positive vibe and energy flow to homes and offices everywhere ... so you can feel happy and relaxed with family, and safe and productive at work.


CONTACT: email or call

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