Ice Transitions

The fleeting beauty of melting ice ... I was inspired to compile radically enlarged ice cube images into a video in which they seemlessly transform themselves from one scene into the next. Nature runs its own course and I thought it a beautiful metaphor for life in general. No matter what happens, life goes on. At times we clearly see what lies ahead of us, other times we find ourselves lost in our very own existence. Sometimes we enjoy the clarity of a beautiful overview, more times we find ourselves so close up we cannot see the forest from the trees …

Find the entire background story on how these were created further down below.

Backstory on how the Ice Transition video and images were created:


The waterline to the ice dispenser of my fridge would regularly freeze over. The only way to get the water running again was to remove the entire ice bin and dump all the ice cubes. I left them to slowly melt away in my kitchen sink.


A little later I returned and I noticed this absolutely gorgeous light in the sink, wow! The sun reflected from the metal and glass of the oven into the stainless steel of the sink, with an extra dose of warmth from the yellow color of my cutting board. And then the sight of the ice cubes, already in full transition – the entire scene was pure beauty!


And of course, a good photographer does not hesitate so I quickly grabbed my camera. I must have taken at least a 100+ pictures. Some were so close up you really couldn’t distinguish anymore what exactly you were looking at. Instead, it became a sublime surrender to colors, shapes, and a rather mysterious atmosphere. 


Later, when I reviewed the images on my computer screen I was amazed at the surprising details I was able to capture. Little tiny ice crystals on the edge of a cube, like delicate snow dust. Sharp translucent lines, reminiscent of solid glass instead of evanescent ice. The scratched metal of my sink. The contrast between the dry ice and the melting “juicy” ice. The playfulness of light and dark among the cubes and the open spaces in between, and underneath. Wow.


I was absolutely fascinated, but ice melts and before I knew it there was nothing left … 


Integrity of Transitions is a visual exploration of ice, water, and light. The soundtrack for the video suggests someone/something carefully making its way through the mass of melting ice, as sharp and blurry images alternate our point of view. The transitions refer to the constant need for adjusting as we encounter different issues and situations in day to day living.


All prints are a Limited Edition of Eight  (unless a first buyer reserved it as an exclusive 1/1 original).

Image size is 25 x 33-inch. Matting and a 35 x 43-inch graphite color maple frame recommended for best presentation.