Mental Chaos & Melancholy

In today's age, we are so often immersed in the hectic pace of contemporary life we tend to no longer notice what is around us.  Except for the thin sliver of focus on the goal right in front of us, our surroundings get mentally absorbed into a blurry fog.  We are very much aware of that veiled presence of life, yet decide to push it aside until later.  We just keep going - and going - in a perpetual attempt to catch up with ourselves ...  


At the same time, we might secretly harbor a longing for that later day with a slower pace; a partial return perhaps to a former, more simple time, life. We might even start to romanticize certain physical treasures of the past!  Such as the architectural presence of fleeting times in downtown San Jose.


As I went out to explore those streets, on a mission to document past structural treasures, I found them mostly forgotten ... and I was left to photograph them in a dilapidated rather than a glorious state. Below are 10 "Selective Memories."  All artificial fog was created real-time, in camera - I am simply not that skilled in Photoshop ;-)