"The best part about working with Sieglinde is that
she thinks outside the box while keeping one foot in reality,
so the great ideas and strategic plans that come up are actually possible." ~ O.L.

art & photography


Where I create fluid identities and new realities for you to hang in your home or office for daily inspiration.


It's a visual invitation to define and re-define what could 'also' be real.


We all have way more choices than we think we have ... a beautiful, peaceful, nurturing space to live/work is one of them.


Choices are opportunities, what else is possible in your life?


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Where you define and redefine my work as it serves YOUR core identity and your desired reality.


If embracing diversity includes celebrating one's unique individuality ... why are you still wearing mass-produced?


Isn't it time your mirror reflects what you knew was on the inside all along?


Be real. Be you.


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creative ID/ea solutions


Where I personally guide you to think outside the box and apply creative solutions to transform your life or business issues.


A habit of creative thinking is the most powerful and effective way to get all you want out of life.


Action-oriented and result-driven.

My signature 7-step process will instantly change the way you think and build a framework for easy decision-making that will help turn your dreams and ideas into reality.


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An overview of the signature 7-steps at the base of my creative ID/ea solutions is published in the international bestselling book Jumpstart Your _____, Vol II 


My chapter is titled: Jumpstart Your New Reality


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