In Situ: Ice Transition 06


In Situ: Ice Transition 04

Ice Transitions

selected stills from the video "Integrity of Transitions" - limited edition


The fleeting beauty of melting ice ... I was inspired to compile radically enlarged ice cube images into a video in which they seamlessly transform themselves from one scene into the next. Nature runs its own course and I thought it a beautiful metaphor for life in general. No matter what happens, life goes on. At times we clearly see what lies ahead of us, other times we find ourselves lost in our very own existence. Sometimes we enjoy the clarity of a beautiful overview, more times we find ourselves so close up we cannot see the forest from the trees …

Find the entire background story on how these were created in the blog.

Eye Compositions

selected stills from the video "Sometimes I forget what I was like originally" - VERY limited edition

The video “Sometimes I forget what I was like originally” brings the issues of ambiguity and gray zones back to perceptions of identity.  I used the concept of parallax as an apparent change in the position of an object because of a change in position of the observer.  In this case the result is a shift in perception resulting from a change in position of the Self.  The Self does not line up anymore.  The Self is lost and trapped at the same time; the Self is searching for a point of rest. 


This video is not accompanied by a soundtrack as it is all about inner dialogue, reflection, and contemplation - or perhaps even the failure of that dialogue ...

v o i d

selected stills from the video "v o i d" - originals only

"v o i d" deals with life; with the hectic pace of life and our inner willingness to take part in it or run away. With the up and down motions of life and the grappling doubts that come with it, the need to make choices, and the many disorienting paths as one is being pulled in all directions at once.

Read more about this video in this blog post.

Back Drawings

selected stills from the video "Things change and then nothing happens" - originals only
Watch the 2-channel video here:

In Situ: Meditation Mind


In Situ: Lonely Beach

Holga Gallery

A selection of images taken with my favorite Holga Camera, on 120mm film.  Scanned for large-format digital printing, all limited editions. Most popular size available: 24 x 24 inches. Holga images are SQUARE. Want to know what makes a Holga camera so special? Read my story here.


In Situ: Water Dance

Out-of-Series Explorations


In Situ: Dragonfly and Butterfly