• Sieglinde Van Damme

Circle of Life: The Reflection Series

The Reflection Series is a perfect example of the one main message that weaves itself throughout my entire art, career, and life: "re-imagine what else is possible."

This translates into my work as a constant process of defining and redefining visual realities.

As such my work often tumbles from one medium into another before finding a place of rest.

In this case, the work started out as a mixed media collage with text, book, and magazine clippings, torn-up charcoal drawings, and acrylic paint.

It was a way for me to get out of my head and process the global (dis)connected circumstances and the stress they brought on.

However, the finished collage left little room to re-imagine or reflect towards a more positive direction so I photographed the physical collage and transformed it into a digital landscape full of light, energy, hope, hidden mysteries and an intriguing, ambiguous fog.

Yes, my newfound meditation and spiritual practice came into play here ...

Still not satisfied I then printed this digital landscape and used it as a new base layer to apply a few strategically placed collage elements and finish it with my signature white painting style on top so I could blend the imagined, yet-to-be-defined magical reality and the 3D, grounded reality together into one.

In life, we all have way more choices than we think we have, even if we don't (yet) see them. We need to open our minds, dare to go there, and get out of our self-imposed box.

Embrace what can "also" be real without feeling limited or stuck in our circumstances.

Your best and happiest life start now, if you allow it.

Climate change, wildfires, Covid, terror attacks etc are sad and unfortunate … but as part of the bigger picture they are just excuses or perceived hindrances that don’t necessarily have to hold us back in our own life.

And so a paper and paint collage turned into a digital collage turned back into a paper and paint collage, but at a newly conceived level.

The circle of life - and art - continues … what a beautiful dynamic life really is 🤗

Just "re-imagine what else is possible."


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