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June 2020: an invitation to spread inspiration, positivity, and hope ...

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Wow, what a decade the last few months have been - how are you and your family doing today?

By now I've been asked over and over again to create an art-to-wear mask, but I resisted because the idea of my art to embellish something I personally consider claustrophobic to wear went against my personal integrity 😷 (before you protest ... I still do my part out of respect for others, but my grocery shopping is happening at lightning speed just so I can take that mask back off!).

But then I realized I had another opportunity here ... what if I embed a message in my design? A positive message, an inspirational message, a split-second invitation holding more hope than you have heard in the last 3 months combined?

A message written where your mouth would be, that makes people stop and take note, even for just a brief moment? 

So I did 🤗 And as you've come to expect from me, these aren't just any kind of masks.

  • Made from 100% cotton sateen for a silky soft touch against your skin.

  • A stainless steel nose piece ensures a proper fit (no more foggy glasses!).

  • Easy to wash and maintain, will not fade.

  • Best part of all: the backside features a built-in filter pocket that acts as a double layer of fabric, or, you can use it to insert your filter of choice.

And because I typically can't stop once my creative juices start flowing I also designed an urban bag and two super-soft tops, on top. Imagine wearing one of those on your next Zoom call - you are sure to elevate the vibe of the meeting conversation!

Prices are kept as low as I possibly could because more than anything else ... I would really like this positive message to spread. Will you help me do that?

So my invitation to you for June 2020: think positive and spread a message of inspiration, positivity, and hope: "re-imagine what else is possible."

Unity, solidarity, peace, mutual respect, racial equality, gender equality, perfect health, generosity, love, freedom, prosperity ... what would YOU re-imagine today (and how would you achieve it)... to create a better tomorrow?

All items above are currently available for in my new online store, operated by Square to ensure an easy and safe online shopping experience: click HERE for more.

Safe and stylish all in one - because looking good is feeling good 🔥

Stay healthy, be well, stay positive.

Thank you,


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