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Media: WomLead Magazine Article

Thank you WomELLE for my feature in the 37th issue of WomLead, a global source for female leadership.

(Note: if interested, a copy of this issue can be ordered here:

The way I think, act, live, work, create, make art ... it's all rooted in the exact same principle: "re-imagine what else is possible."

This article is the first time someone was able to successfully connect the dots between my visual and non-visual work. It really is all working toward the same end result, through one route or another. Left brain or right brain 🙋

Transform your space, transform your life. Or "reinvent yourself" as the article states. Re-imagine who or what you can be next ... 2021 is just around the corner, time to gear up?

For more backstory, I invite you to read my story on how I became an artist as well as my artist statement on what exactly I am trying to express in my visual work.

And if the non-visual reinvention angle is intriguing you, please visit the brainstorm page and discover how other people benefited from a left-brain/right-brain approach to their own life 😎

Ah, and last but not least ... the article mentions a 'breakthrough-to-clarity" exercise. You can download the PDF with instructions HERE.


Sieglinde Van Damme

is a contemporary fine artist based in California.


Her work embodies beauty, meaning, and unexpected inspiration to bring a positive vibe and energy flow to homes and offices everywhere ... so you can feel happy and relaxed with family, and productive while working.


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