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Visual Consulting: Client Case Study

What to do when you downsize your home and you have no idea what to do with all the art pieces that no longer have a wall to call home? No worries, you hire me to sort things out with you 😉. What stays, what goes, and where do we hang the right piece of art in the right place so it feels as if it was always there to begin with? That's what one client did but he wasn't comfortable having pictures taken in his home.

Or, when you buy a new home that is much bigger than your previous one, with lots of light and large walls throughout ... but your current art collection consists of mostly small frames that look completely lost in the new environment - what do you do? You guessed it, you hire me to come figure it out and make things look and feel spectacular!

That's exactly what another client did and here are a few examples of the challenges we tackled.

Challenge #1: a small office and a large collection of framed historical bonds.

The homeowner received a collection of close to 20 historical bonds from his parents. Different sizes, different colors, and different frames. As these came from his father's office his intention was to now hang them in his home office as well. But the number of frames was daunting and after several months, they were still sitting on the floor.

The home office was a beautiful, light-filled, yet relatively small space. With two floor-to-ceiling bookcases filled to the rim with books, framed diplomas, and awards; as well as a fireplace mantle and an open shelf area filled with memorabilia ... I was worried there were too many visual details in one small space already.


There was one empty office wall that served as an anchor to balance the many visual stimuli with a sense of peace in the room. I anticipated that filling that wall with a collection of small frames would make the vibe in the room feel cluttered and restless.

Not exactly the kind of atmosphere that would benefit concentration and productivity in a work environment ... 🤔

Although the homeowner leaned towards a more traditional approach, he kept an open mind.

As I browsed the available artwork I selected this larger piece with the boat for his office. The painting breathes serenity and the white of the boat perfectly mimics the white office chair. Hanging it off-center gave the painting its proper view, breathing space, and attention - while serving as a visual counterbalance to the towering bookcases and fireplace on the other side of the desk area.


Challenge #2: but now what to do with the framed historical bonds?

But now what to do with the framed historical bonds collection? It was best that they all stay together as one unity, but hanging them in the living or family room was not a very inspiring thought.

The homeowner was also a lover of old maps which he had temporarily placed in a game room he wanted to designate as a "gentlemen's room" (women still allowed, he assured me 😉). Perfect! A large yet intimate room with plenty of wall space, lots of light, and a big bulky pool table on top. I thought it was the perfect environment to combine the old maps with the historical bonds!

Now that we found the right room, placement proved to be another challenge as there were few consistencies to be found among the frames or their visual content. That was until I separated the frames by color scheme. Two main groupings quickly formed and each received their own separate wall on opposite sides of the room. The frame sizes and matte color then informed the visually balanced, final "salon-style" layout as shown in the picture below. The smaller wall areas between the windows were used for the old maps.

Historical bonds and old maps in the game room.

Challenge #3: there were still a lot of other small frames floating around the house

But I wasn't done yet. The main areas of the home still had uninviting bare walls. And there were still many small frames to work with. I grouped them by color and subject matter first. But instead of having another salon-style placement, I chose to combine two or three of them together on smaller walls or in bedrooms.

I also reframed about a dozen pieces so they would look and feel more consistent when hung together.

Challenge #4: oversize walls in living and family room, and no large artwork on site

As mentioned above, another salon-style placement of small frames in either the living or family room was undesirable. First, because the walls were so oversized the pieces would have looked lost - even when carefully clustered as one whole. Second, because there were not enough small pieces that fit together to create the right visual impact and balance. And third, although it worked in the game room (anchored by the pool table as the main focal point in the room), it would have looked cluttered anywhere else in the home. And visual clutter causes stress in an unconscious way so let's not even go there ...

This is where the homeowners asked to provide them with a proposal for new artwork. Specific pieces for specific wall spaces, and prioritized in phases to match their budget and timeline.

Phase one was to transform the oversize family room that was in desperate need of color to change the warmth and energy flow in the room. This was the final result of phase one:

A large-scale, colorful triptych completely transformed the oversize family room.

A colorful triptych completely transformed the family room - wow! Even though it turned out exactly as I envisioned it ... the immensely positive new vibe in the room surprised even me 🤗

The three pieces were chosen from my abstract landscape series:

  • Title: "Motion: Red" - "Motion: Blue" - "Motion: Spice"

  • Medium: digital C-prints

  • Size: 30 x 40 inches each in 36 x 46 inch frames (matted)

  • Year created: 2020

  • Edition: yes

  • Comes with a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity

The good news is that if you love this triptych, they are editioned and therefore available to a few additional clients as well. Editioned pieces also keep your investment more affordable (versus a one-of-a-kind original), which can really add up for larger size artwork. And no worries if you don't have an oversize wall to accommodate all three, they are available separately as well. What's your favorite Motion: Color?

Are you wondering now what the right piece of art in the right place can do for you?

If you just moved to a new home, finished a remodel, or COVID lockdown times showed you that your environment could use a visual upgrade and an accompanying positivity boost? Let's talk, no strings attached. Tell me your biggest frustration as far as your home or workspace is concerned. Let's discover what you like and don't like. And if we happen to be a good professional fit, let's open the conversation about a budget and timeline that works for you.

What have you got to lose? Except more stress or restlessness at home or at work 🤔

👉🏻 Send me a quick note or schedule a complimentary 30min Zoom call here.

I look forward to connecting with you!



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