On fire! The 2018 Abstract Summer dress surpasses all imaginations and expectations 🔥 The dark blue slims you down and makes it a very easy, comfortable wear. The unexpected color elements make it (well, YOU) stand out from the crowd. Just throw it on and go! Then see what happens, no conversation starters required. 😇 This is the dress that takes care of you ... ENJOY


The original image behind this dress is a "chemigram," an alternative photo process that allows the artist to create an abstract image by applying chemicals on light-sensitive paper. The process is super-fast and because of its speed ... as raw, intuitive and reactive as it gets. Read all about this and other chemigram experiments on our blog.

Abstract Summer dress

  • Easy to care for and keep looking like new! Machine washable (cold setting) micro-knit smooth fabric. Hang to dry. The fabric is naturally “quickdry” so you won’t have to let it hang to dry very long before wearing it again 😉 

    Dress falls mid-thigh. The fabric has a little stretch to it and runs smaller around the waist to accentuate the flare.