While you're at it, why not take a California Sunset on a stroll this summer?  


I love photographing (sub)urban scenes as they unfold in front of me while driving. Especially those sunset moments in California, when the light becomes much gentler after a hot, sunny day. Headlights mark the festive transition into night, and the palm trees briefly appear as majestic drawings in the sky ... before they too are swallowed up into the dark.


Another photograph that serves as an invitation to re-imagine what else is possible. Not a documentation of a blunt reality, but rather an invitation for an action to unfold within the boundaries of my picture frame, fully anticipating a story that has not yet been told. What's your story?


This photograph was taken with my cell phone, NO filters applied.

California Sunset tote bag

  • studiosiegXclusive tote bags are made from a durable, textured polycanvas (100% polyester).  This tote bag has NO inner lining or pockets. Black cotton straps.


    Size: 16"H x 13"W x 3"D


    Care instructions: gentle hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry.