A gorgeous 36 x 36 inch scarf with the image of a dormant tree basking in beautiful golden California light, waiting for Spring to arrive. The original double-exposure photograph (2 photos on top of each other) was taken with a Holga camera, a medium format 120 film camera known for its low-fidelity aesthetic and surprise distortions.

Golden Tree Scarf

  • Polychiffon

    • 100% polyester. Not a silk fabric, but has a silky feeling finish
    • Drapes beautifully and will never fade
    • Sublimation printing with very accurate colour matching and deep blacks
    • Print is 70% visible through to backside of fabric
    • Can be machine washed (cold) with no change in feel.

Sieglinde Van Damme

is an artist & visual consultant. 


Her focus on creating visual balance in a space brings a positive vibe and energy flow to homes and offices everywhere ... so you can feel happy and relaxed with family, and safe and productive at work.


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