A very intriguing image on a 36 x 36 inch scarf with wild greens and red accents to brighten up any outfit. The original double-exposure photograph (2 photos on top of each other) was taken with a Holga camera, a very basic/alternative plastic camera (for the photo fans: a medium format 120 film camera) known for its low-fidelity aesthetic and surprise distortions.


It is a double-exposure (2 images on top of each other) which worked surprisingly well in creating this new surreal space in nature. One image depicts the wild grasses and red lily bush. The second image is a sunlit path through some ghostly trees (can you see them?). For me personally, it represents the chaos of non-stop thoughts running through our brain, and the peaceful path leading us to a little more zen as we try to quiet down our overactive minds.


The full story behind this scarf and the photograph can be found on our blog.

Meditation Mind scarf

  • Polychiffon

    • 100% polyester. Not a silk fabric, but has a silky feeling finish
    • Drapes beautifully and will never fade
    • Sublimation printing with very accurate colour matching and deep blacks
    • Print is 70% visible through to backside of fabric
    • Can be machine washed (cold) with no change in feel.