Moody and mysterious, the rose in black and white ... for the woman who loves to add a flair of mystery to the mix. Live it up and steal the show with this classy flare skirt! Pair it with a simple black or white top and bright colorful heels for a formal event ... or keep it neutral with white tennis shoes and run around the office, uhm I mean town 😉 Why not?! Easy does it. Dress it up, dress it down ... whatever makes you feel your best, this skirt will happily accommodate your comfort and imagination. The original photograph was taken with a DSLR camera.

Mystery Rose flare skirt

  • Easy to care for and keep looking like new! Machine washable (cold setting) micro-knit smooth fabric. Hang to dry. The fabric is naturally “quickdry” so you won’t have to let it hang to dry very long before wearing it again 😉 

    This flare skirt falls above the knee.

Sieglinde Van Damme

is an artist & visual consultant. 


Her focus on creating visual balance in a space brings a positive vibe and energy flow to homes and offices everywhere ... so you can feel happy and relaxed with family, and safe and productive at work.


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