Cyanotype depicting a row of historical European facades, built in the early 1900s. 


What is a Cyanotype? A 19th Century photo process that results in a signature blue print. After cyanotype chemicals are mixed and brushed onto watercolor paper (NOT photo paper) in the darkroom, a negative is placed on top and exposed to the sun or other UV light for a 1:1 imprint. Develop with water for final results.


FOR A LIMITED TIME: receive the actual negative I used to create this image 🎁


Size: 5 x 5 inch image in 10 x 10 inch white frame (included).

Only one available.


When you think of Summer, do your thoughts wisk you away to a lovely stroll over a historical European market square?  The sun is shining and you sit down on a patio, shaded by a white umbrella, to enjoy a refreshing drink and fully take in the view? ☀️ Welcome to my world!  Not only do my Summer daydreams take me there exactly, this artwork depicts the "Old Market," in my hometown of Leuven (Belgium). It is dubbed the longest bar of Europe as pretty much every single buidling on the square houses a bar on the groundfloor ... Here's your chance to gift a little piece of European dreaming - or even better, take it home for you 😇 

Original Cyanotype with Facades (framed)