Make. A. Statement. This surprising bodycon dress with bold black and white flowing lines will take you places, guaranteed. And when someone asks you about that amazing dress you are wearing, here's my cold Chicago story ... 🌨 (to be told on a hot summer night, of course).


I took a break from a photo conference in Chicago, determined to shoot an entire roll of film with my Holga camera that day. It was SO cold outside but I persevered. As I headed towards the lake, I walked across a bridge and hiding behind a giant wrapped bundle of scarves and hat, I happened to glance down from the bridge. THIS was the surreal scene below - wow! My gloves came off (happily) ... and I snapped the picture. 


I prefer more artsy photographs over razor-sharp digital images so I used a Holga camera: a very basic/alternative plastic camera (for the photo fans: a medium format 120 film camera) known for its low-fidelity aesthetic and surprise distortions. The image comes out on a 2 inch square negative which I scan and digitize.  In this case I reversed the colors from the original artwork to create a "little black dress" with a suprise twist ... because interesting people like you, deserve interesting apparel. 😇 Agreed?

The Railroad, Reversed ... dress

  • Easy to care for and keep looking like new! Machine washable (cold setting) micro-knit smooth fabric. Hang to dry. The fabric is naturally “quickdry” so you won’t have to let it hang to dry very long before wearing it again 😉 

    This fitted dress falls mid-thigh and is made to last.