A very unique clothing and accessories line based on my original photographic work. The exact opposite of fast fashion, allowing you to look and feel amazing without paying designer prices nor funding Chinese sweatshops.


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What can I do for you ...?


➤ Original Artwork:


As an interdisciplinary artist, I like to work in various media, from photo-based work to painting, printmaking and mixed media. Various sizes and price levels available. Can be custom-created to fit your (spatial) needs. Browse some of my artwork HERE.

➤ Visual Consulting: 


Stress levels lower and health improves when you enjoy a harmonious and inspiring environment to live and work. Let's get rid of cold and uninviting blank walls by re-imagining what's possible in your space with what you have already. 

I may also recommend new artwork (my own or from other artists) to create your desired atmosphere, especially following a move or remodel.


Realtors: Are you self-staging? Watch how I uplift your listing from looking good- to-sell, to radiating the right positive vibe for buyers during your open house!


3. STRATEGY COACH (non-visual)


Virtual meetings (Zoom) where I guide you to apply the creative thought process to innovatively turn around your life or business circumstances. 

Once you deeply understand my signature 7-step process you are well on your way to develop a habit of creative thinking on your own which is the most powerful and effective way to get what you want out of life and business. For an overview of the 7 steps click HERE.

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