v o i d

"vo i d" deals with life; with the hectic pace of life and our inner willingness to take part in it or run away. With the up and down motions of life and the grappling doubts that come with it, the need to make choices, and the many disorienting paths as one is being pulled in all directions at once.


The intersection, with its endless movement of traffic could be a metaphor for the daily rhythm of life. Rational, cold, stark, metallic. A barely uninterrupted flow, following the rules of a very structured pattern and yet going in all directions. The imagery is blown-out, as we often don’t see the details and the pace of our own lives anymore.  


We tend to just go, endlessly, uninterrupted, compliant with whatever rules and demands placed on us. However, in the dark areas of the blown-out imagery there is a hint of something else. I call it the void.

Inside the void, we seem to be more aware of what is actually going than we are willing to admit at first glance. The void is where our inner struggle shows.  Are we willing to follow this so-called life-path and its implied rhythm or would we rather run away? Are we running towards or away from? Do we give up or are we defeated?