Less stress, more success.

Create healthy spaces to live and work with the right piece of art.

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Stress levels lower and health improves when you enjoy a harmonious and inspiring environment to live or work.
Visual balance is key, and art is the easiest and fastest way to achieve it.


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What is visual consulting and how is it different from more general art consulting?

As a visual consultant, my main objective is NOT to sell you more or new art. My main goal is to create a peaceful, harmonious, positive vibe in the spaces you spend the most time in. Home, office, or corporate workplace.

This positive energy flow is easily established by focusing on visual balance. Why? Because visual balance allows your eyes to rest which in turn relaxes the brain, drastically lowers stress levels, and in turn opens up space for the mind to be inspired.

Most people don't realize that a lot of their stress does not just come from their to-do list, but also (subconsciously) from the visual environment they are in.

Why would I bother?

Because the way I approach visual balance fully supports the main function of the room you are in. The positive vibe and energy flow is not just a "touchy-feely" thing. Instead, it allows you to relax in the living room, engage in the dining room, zone out in the bedroom, and put your best and most productive self forward in the office - at home or at work.

In other words, you get to enjoy a happier family life, a more fulfilling marriage, a healthier body and mind, greater productivity, and better performance at work (and maybe in the gym too 🤔) ... And wow, where will all lead this? A raise, a promotion, more action between the sheets, that dream vacation? Don't underestimate how this is ultimately all intertwined and it starts with feeling your best self in the spaces you spend the most time in.

What does art have to do with this?

A satisfying focal point is key to pull a room together and serve as an anchor point for visual balance. Art is the easiest, most effective, and most positive way to accomplish this.

But you don't sell art?

Yes, I do. But I start by re-organizing and placing the artwork you already have. Only when walls and spaces seem to be in need of something new or something more will I make a proposal for new artwork. The new artwork in the proposal can be my own work or work from one of the many top-notch artists in my expansive network. It really depends on what your space needs.

There is no wrong piece of art. But there is the wrong piece of art in the wrong place.

Placement is everything.

What if I don't have an art collection to start with?

No problem! Are you interested in starting one? If so, Let's have a Zoom conversation and I will send you my eBook on the easiest and most cost-effective way to find and buy art that you like 😊