"To have something in your home that gets you in a good mood every day?
You can't put a price on that!"
~ Jane Birkin quoting her mother

award-winning art for vibrant lives

"When you shift your energy, your whole life shifts. That's basic quantum physics.

Well ... Art Shifts. That's one of the things I love about Sieglinde and her artwork specifically.

The energy she exudes is palpable!"

~ Deberah Bringelson, international business consultant,

Top 50 Global Business Strategy Thought Leader and Influencer in 2021.⁠

"I trusted Sieglinde's vision and her artwork totally transformed my oversize family room. I just can't stop looking at it. Amazing!" ~ A. H.

"When we invested in two of Sieglinde's large photographic prints, it brought such an incredibly peaceful feeling to our living room ... and our kids love it too!" ~ N. B.


"Sieglinde's artwork is so beautiful, peaceful, and serene ... I wouldn't want to live without it anymore!" ~ S. A.

"Sieglinde's work invokes a mood and presents an interesting perspective of the world" ~ D. H.


"The energy in Sieglinde's work is off the charts, simply stunning!" ~ L. L.

"Sieglinde's work is so creative it

makes me feel free and inspired!" ~ I. D.


Solo Exhibition at 6 | U Gallery in Los Gatos, CA


The right artwork in the right place brings balance, peace, and harmony to the entire room.

It relaxes the brain and inspires the mind.  Proven by science to reduce stress, imagine what art can do for your health, quality of life, and emotional fulfillment?


Email me HERE for availability and pricing, or request info for a customized proposal for your home, office, or corporate workplace. A limited selection can be ordered in the online store.

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