Hi, I'm Sieglinde! (pronounced see-glin-duh)

I'm an economist with a knack for creative strategy, but visual art is my true passion.

I work in various media—from painting to abstract(ed) photography and the bridges in between—to create new realities based on the one mantra that guides my work (and my life for that matter): "re-imagine what else is possible." 

WHAT else can this be, WHO else can you be? Reality, what is, or the status quo is a choice. And we all have way more choices than we think we have. My work inspires an open mind to uncover all those choices you thought weren't for you, starting with you.

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Sieglinde Van Damme is an economist, an award-winning artist, creative entrepreneur, and (former) business communications strategist.


As a holistic left-brain/right-brain thinker, she achieves superior results for her clients by consistently infusing analytical reasoning with creative thinking skills. And vice versa, grounding creative concepts into realistic possibilities.

She became a published author in 2019 with "Jumpstart your New Reality," a model formula for her signature creative brainstorm process.​

As an artist she insists on working in various media to keep her creative mind sharp! Over the course of her 18+ year career in art, she participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions spanning the US, Europe, Russia, and Japan.


Sieglinde received multiple awards for her work, highlights including:

- 2009 “Lorenzo di Medici Award” for video in Florence (Italy); 

- 2014 Belle Foundation Individual Grant for artistic merit in California

- 2018 Leigh Weimer Artist Awards in San Jose, CA

- 2019 Grant from the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs' Creative Industries Incentive Fund through the Center for Cultural Innovation


Her work and writings have been published in various catalogs and media publications both in the US and in Europe. Her art is included in numerous private and corporate collections, including Sotheby’s International Realty in France - Monaco.

Sieglinde taught at San Jose State University and worked with startups and entrepreneurs across Silicon Valley, CA.​ She holds an MS Economics from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and a Master of Fine Arts from San Jose State University (USA). 

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Sieglinde Van Damme

is a contemporary fine artist based in California.


Her work embodies beauty, meaning, and unexpected inspiration to bring a positive vibe and energy flow to homes and offices everywhere ... 


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