Hi, I'm Sieglinde! (pronounced see-glin-duh)

I'm an economist with a knack for creative strategy, but art is my true passion.


As a little girl, I loved climbing up the steep metal stairs to my uncle’s art studio above the garage at my grandparents’ home. He didn’t always allow it, but when I did make my way up to his sanctuary I felt so mesmerized by the life-size sculptures that surrounded me, amidst random pieces of metal, wood, and a lot of plaster dust. 


My visits usually didn’t last long. As soon as my mother or grandmother realized I was up there in my pretty Sunday dress I was summoned back down quickly. But not before I managed to score some treasures from my uncle’s “experimentation” pile. To this day, I still cherish those pieces in my home – in other words, I became an art collector before I was even 10!


My mother, also an artist, had an easel set-up in our dining room and it was amazing to follow her process and watch her paintings evolve. Whenever the smell of oil paint and turpentine was flowing through the house you knew dinner wouldn’t be ready anytime soon. But mom would be an entirely different, happy person and we couldn’t wait to see what new WIP (work-in-progress) we were about to discover.


Sometimes my siblings and I would “fight” over who could claim a finished painting (we wrote our name with pencil on the back). Other times we loved an unfinished piece so much we had to convince her to leave it alone and consider it done (overworking ruins everything!)  – lol, clearly I became a self-proclaimed art curator at a young age as well!

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Sieglinde Van Damme is an internationally exhibiting, award-winning artist working in various media. Over the course of her 18+ year career, she participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions spanning the US, Europe, Russia, and Japan.


In 2017 Sieglinde launched studiosiegXclusive, an art-to-wear clothing and accessories line based on her photographic work, which won the prestigious Leigh Weimer’s Award in 2018.


Sieglinde received multiple awards for her work, highlights including:

- 2009 “Lorenzo di Medici Award” at the Contemporary Art Biennale in Florence (Italy); 

- 2014 Belle Foundation Individual Grant for artistic merit in California

- 2018 Leigh Weimers Artist Awards in San Jose, CA

- 2019 Grant from the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs' Creative Industries Incentive Fund through the Center for Cultural Innovation


Her work and writings have been published in various catalogs and media publications both in the US and in Europe. Her art is included in numerous private and corporate collections, including Sotheby’s International Realty in France - Monaco.


Sieglinde holds an MS Economics from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and an MFA in Photography from San Jose State University. 

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Sieglinde Van Damme

is an artist & visual consultant. 


Her focus on creating visual balance in a space brings a positive vibe and energy flow to homes and offices everywhere ... so you can feel happy and relaxed with family, and safe and productive at work.


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